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The plan was to walk up to the hill top and hunt along the ridge. It's usually better to hunt from the top and down the hillsides, as the chamois stays up high in the hills where it has a  surveyable view of the surroundings. In other words, you have a better chance to get a chamois if you spot it from above. That's why some hunters choose to go into the hunting area by chopper and drop off at one of the hill tops... Anyway, we started the walk up the hillside early Wednesday morning, and after about 1 hour we found prints of a chamois in the sand. These ones were quite new, but unfortunately they went in the wrong direction... We kept on walking, and I'll have to say that the hope of getting a chamois was starting to shrink. But then, after have walked a bit further up the hillside, we came to a platau, crawled carefully to the tip of it to have a look of what was beneath it, and ther they were! A total of 9 chammys were grassing in the hillside below us! (At least 3 of them are visible on this picture). After have studied them for a while, and decided which one I was going for, I took my rifle and went a bit further down on the plateau to get into a better shooting position. A few minutes after, I had my chamois!


This is the place where I was shooting from. The shooting distance was about 200 m and the caliber was 22-250 Rem. As you can see, the location where we found the chamois is in great distance from the bottom of the creek, close to the hill top..


An extremely satisfied hunter with his Chamois trophy!



Me, Kahn and Dave, who is a very good friend and an excellent guide!


The trophy turned out to be quite good as well; measuring just under 10 inches (everything over 8 inches is considered as a really good trophy).


I had to skin out the trophy, since I was going to have it shoulder mounted back in Nelson. Chamois meat are good meat after what I've been told and we carried out the back legs and some filets. 


It took us a while to get down to the bottom of the creek and back to our camp again, but it didn't matter; we weren't any longer in a hurry:-)

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