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Hunting Goats South of Blenheim


We were back from the trip to Leatham Thursday at noon, and re-organized our gear and prepared for departure Blenheim a few hours later. We drove down to Jo's sister and stayed there for the night, after have had a chat with the owner of the property where we were going to hunt for goats the day after. Friday morning we drove 15 km, and parked the car where the little red circle is on the map. We had the four-wheeler on the trailer, and used this for getting into the area (red dots on the map) we were going to hunt the rest of the day (big red circle on the map).


The four-wheeler is on the trailer and we are ready to go!


Since I was going on a chamois hunt on my own (further up the Leatham River) in the upcoming weekend, and was going to drive directly from Blenheim Fridays night, I drove Dave's car.


The road to Goat Country...


Dave and me at our first stop. After have made our way through thornbushes we got up to some ridges where we spotted a lot of goats in the opposite hillside. We shot 8 of them and got some goat legs for the dogs.


Some of the areas we hunted in that day had a rather dense vegetation with thornbushes, which made it not too comfortable wearing shorts that day....


The second half of the day, we had a river stalk which turned out to be very successful..


Our rifles and some of the goat legs we carried out of the area.

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